Shameless Rabina Khan: Khales Uddin Ahmed joins PATH with Tory blessing

The big day for Khales Uddin Ahmed has arrived. Today he announced his transition to PATH at Nida House on Sutton Street.

Below is a picture from today’s meeting where Khales announced he has joined PATH and also a video link of Cllr Golds speaking highly of Khales. Conservative Councillor, Peter Golds was there cheerleading Khales’ new interest with Rabina Khan. Reminds me of a parent/guardian dropping of a child to his first day at nursery. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Cllr Peter Golds and Khales Uddin Ahmed video

It must not be forgotten, that it was Khales Uddin Ahmed, Helal Uddin Abbas and Azmal Hussain who colluded and acted as key witnesses in deposing Lutfur Rahman and his administration.

Relationship building between PATH, Khales (the then speaker of the council and a Labour councillor) and Azmal Hussain

The gang of three pride themselves on associating with right-wing journalists like Ted Jeory, Andrew Gilligan and John Ware. As you may know, these journalists were responsible for documentaries which are seen as Islamaphobic and have also written articles entertaining right-wing views; as well as writing for far-right tabloids.


Khales with all his right-wing leaders. Left to right: John Ware, Ted Jeory, Khales Uddin Ahmed and Andrew Gilligan.

In a desperate bid to become the next Directly Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Rabina overcame what many see as having human morals and harboured Khales Uddin Ahmed; a man known for his racist and sexist views. A slight contradiction there Rabina, lacks shame and morality.

Seemingly Rabina’s ambitions to become mayor has caused her to become a political groupie (phrase used as a metaphor to describe a situation with similarities and not to be taken literally).

Anyway, here is the letter of resignation sent to Labour’s Chris Weavers from Khales Uddin Ahmed:

Subject: : Resignation from Labour Party

Khalis Uddin Ahmed

37 Rainhill Way

Dear Jennie Formby,

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 2008 and have served as a Labour councillor for Bromley North ward in Tower Hamlets since 2010.

In my time as councillor, I have represented my ward residents against powerful and self-serving developers such as Poplar HARCA. I successfully campaigned against irresponsible development and policies led by them such as the Chrisp Street regeneration scheme that put local businesses at risk as well as a massive increase in parking charges by them which they later dropped. It is to my dismay that I never found my Labour Group leader and Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs a vehement advocate for residents on these issues. Perhaps it is not just a mere coincidence that Tower Hamlets Council continues hold a special relationship with Poplar HARCA, selling assets to it and that its CEO happens to be a good friend of John.

It is this John Biggs, whom I defended against allegations of racism during the infamous electoral fraud case of the now desposed former Mayor Lutfur Rahman which resulted in John becoming the Mayor. I faced humiliation and insult from our local Labour MPs and so-called community leaders and councillors for picking up the baton against a hostile local media but of course these very people were happy to reap the rewards when the historic result was achieved.

Little did I know back then this John Biggs would go on to hold in contempt the residents of the great borough with his own austerity measures.

Under his tenure, adult social care charges have increased. Council tax has increased and the self-employed tax he has introduced has affected those who rely on mini-cabbing and delivery work as their main source of income. The boroughs children have been failed following the damning 2017 Ofsted report into the Councils children’s services which was a outstanding service only three years before. Labour previously campaigned to save nurseries but against the wishes of its local party members they are being privatised. Youth clubs continue to be underfunded and I have no doubt that this has contributed to a rise in drug-related and knife crime in the borough. Tower Hamlets now has the highest rate of child poverty.

Johns austerity measures are dressed up as ‘savings’ and he does not hesitate to blame cuts to public services on the Tory government whilst enjoying appealing to their second preference votes to keep him elected as Mayor. On the one hand he is unable to protect public services yet on the other he is able to offer himself a pay rise and grant £50 million more to build the Council new Civic Centre in Whitechapel.

As a member of the Labour Group of councillors, I put residents first and I have faced severe consequences for doing so. Whilst serving as Speaker of the Council, I was suspended in 2016 for 10 months by manufactured complaints of intimidation which were later unable to be proved and subsequently withdrawn. The Mayor himself sent a message that statements were needed against me to keep me quiet against all the above mentioned issues I was raising with the Group.

My suspension from the Party came into effect just three days before I could take part in my wards mayoral trigger ballot meeting. I do not hesitate to state that I actively campaigned for members to exercise their democratic right to open up the selection process and that I believe my suspension was motivated by Johns urge to prevent me campaigning for a trigger. Whilst continuing to serve as Speaker for the remainder of my term, I faced undue media attention and pressure on my friends and family.

In August 2017, another complaint was lodged against me which has led to me being suspended for a second time in March 2018.. A fabricated illegal phone recording was uploaded on YouTube and sent as a complaint to the Labour Party, by someone who does not exist as a party member nor resides at the address they have used fraudulently.

I understand that the Party is reviewing its process and procedures on disputes. I urge and hope a that this review will consider whether the current process has been manipulated by undue complaints being lodged for political advantage and this, particularly in communities with a high number of BAME communities and against BAME councillors.

In 2016, my local MP Jim Fitzpatrick publicly called members democratically campaigning for an open selection “the worst of Bengali politics”, but faced no investigation, no suspension for for stoking up racial tensions in the community.

I joined the Labour Party because I believed the Party represented the aspirations of the working class and ethnic minority communities to which I belong. I resign from the Party in the hope that the Party will once again represent the disadvantaged and diverse groups it claims to represent.

Yours sincerely,

Khales Uddin Ahmed

I do wonder who helped Khales write this letter. Could it be those from PATH i.e. Rabina herself; or could it be those from Labour i.e. their Mile End prospective Puru Miah?

Below we have the Statement Of Persons Nominated And Notice Poll, which clearly shows Khales’ crossover to PATH.

The political battles in Tower Hamlets continue.


Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

There are clear indications suggesting the close relationship between the PATH group (People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets) and those who supported the 2015 ousting of the former Mayor, Lutfur Rahman. Key proponents of this relationship are Labour’s former councillor/council leader Helal Abbas, the twice suspended councillor, Khales Uddin Ahmed – aka the Bengali-faction of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and the PATH group.

During previous functions, Cllr Rabina Khan of PATH was happy to sit/stand shoulder to shoulder with Khales Uddin Ahmed and Helal Abbas. She was also at a reception which was held in honour of Khales, speaking highly of him. Each to their own.

People’s alliance’s number one alliance is Labour’s suspended Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed who is picture here Cllr Rabina Khan

Sources mention when Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed was suspended the first time, there was a discussion/agreement between PATH and the Bengali-faction of Tower Hamlets Labour Party; in particular Cllr Rabina Khan, her husband Cllr Aminur Khan, Cllr Khales Uddin and Helal Abbas. It is understood there was a pact made during this discussion, that if Cllr Khales didn’t have his suspension lifted by the Labour Party, he would join PATH as their prospective candidate for Bromley North. Which could explain why  Cllr Rabina Khan announced Nehad Choudhury as her sole prospective candidate for Bromley North, leaving the other seat empty – in case of Cllr Khales Uddin needing to join PATH. However, in this case with luck on Cllr Khales’ side, he was reinstated back into the Labour Party.

We now know for a second time that Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed has been suspended by the Labour Party. This suspension has brought about a new opportunity for Cllr Rabina Khan and PATH. The opportunity would strengthen relationships with the Bengali-faction of Tower Hamlets Labour Party. Khales would join PATH and stand side by side with Nehad Choudhury as a prospective for Bromley North.

It’s evident that Rabina Khan has forgotten that Cllr Khales Uddin was a key ally of those who brought down her former leader Lutfur Rahman and an administration both Cllrs Rabina and husband Aminur benefitted from. The cabal Cllr Khales colluded with were those like John Ware (BBC Panorama), Andrew Gilligan (Channel 4 Dispatches/Telegraph) and Ted Jeory (Daily Express/far-right blogger). This clearly demonstrates the opportunistic behaviour that Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband entertain in order to gain political benefits.


The cabal – facing the picture, going left to right: John Ware, Ted Jeory, Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed and Andrew Gilligan

Information has surfaced regarding Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed organising a public meeting at Kingsley Hall on Monday. The meeting is being held to consult a small group of men on his political future, PATH and Labour. We have also heard that Khales will be announcing his decision the following day (Tuesday), with regards to what PATH he will take. Get it? The dates for his consultation and decision may be completely wrong, but only time will tell right?

A source has also mentioned a split within PATH with regards to Khales gaining political entry to their group. It appears that Cllr Rabina Khan, her husband Cllr Aminur Khan and their chauffeur Shah Alam are of the view that Khales should stand as a prospective for their group. However, this idea faces opposition from PATH Cllrs Abdul Asad and Shafi Ahmed.

The situation is similar to when Natsha Bolter wanted to join PATH. For those of you who don’t know, Natasha was once part of the far-right political party UKIP, who had appalling views on Muslims & Immigration. She was their poster girl who lied about being a PPE student at Oxford University – that was of course until she had an affair with senior UKIP figure, David Soutter (Click the link, story and pictures available) – he was UKIP’s head of candidates and a married father of two.

After Natasha was left out in the cold by UKIP, Natasha took an interest in Tower Hamlets politics. She eventually joined the Independent Group in Tower Hamlets, apparently after creating the illusion that she had distanced herself from her former Party and its views. Natasha received the benefit of the doubt and was given the chance of reform – unsurprisingly her political views didn’t match with the Independent Group and she left the group. Of course Natasha was now curious by the personality similarities she had with PATH and wanted to join their group as a prospective candidate. Natasha’s ambitions were encouraged by those in PATH, but unfortunately for her, PATH Cllrs Shafi Ahmed and Abdul Asad made noise rejecting Natasha’s intentions. Natasha was then refused as a candidate and left in a limbo. Boo hoo.

Which path will Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed choose for himself? (No pun intended). It’s understood that his supporters on the ground are telling him to stand Independently, standing against any Labour candidate; but at the same time it seems that his heart is set on Cllr Rabina Khan and PATH.

We shall find out next week.

The suspension of Tower Hamlets Labour Party’s Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed and the boys who cried wolf.

A source has revealed that once again Tower Hamlets Labour Party’s (THLP) Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed of Bromley North has had his membership of the Labour party suspended yesterday. I have been informed that this decision was made yesterday by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) Disputes Panel. The NEC has informed THLP Chair, Chris Weavers, to activate the suspension of Cllr Khales Udddin Ahmed.
This is the same Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed who was suspended for almost a year by the Labour Party, whilst he was speaker of Tower hamlets Council. At the time he was suspended due to alleged bullying and intimidation of female councillors and members of THLP.
It has also been mentioned that a letter was sent from Chris Weavers to the secretary of THLP, Apsana Begum, to put into action a recruitment process for the upcoming local elections for the Bromley North Ward, replacing a suspended Khales Uddin Ahmed. The suspension from the Labour Party means that Cllr Khales cannot attend any Labour Party meetings and annual conferences. It also means that he will be unable to stand in any election, including the upcoming local election.

Leaked email sent by Chris Weavers to the EC


Leaked email sent by Chris Weavers to the EC

Information of a big fall out within THLP has surfaced and key contenders are the Bengali-faction of THLP, led by Helal Abbas. The intentions of the very angry Bengali-faction is to mount pressure on Mayor John Biggs and THLP chair, Chris Weavers, to force Labour’s NEC into retracting the decision which saw Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed suspended.
What has also been stated is that THLP Bengali-faction have threatened Mayor John Biggs to hold back any Bengali support if the decision on the suspension of Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed was to continue.
I have been made aware, that last night there was an apparent meeting of some Bengali-faction THLP councillors/prospective councillors, initially held at Helal Uddin’s house in the Bromley North Ward. It was during late into the night the meeting venue changed to Helal Abbas’ back-house also in the Bromley North Ward (it must be noted that both Helals are neighbours). Some of those that were named as being present were Khales Uddin Ahmed, Helal Abbas, Tareq Khan (St Peter’s Ward prospective), Puru Miah (Mile End Ward prospective) and other locals. Also present at Helal Abbas’s back-house were PATH councillors Aminur Khan (husband of mayoral candidate Cllr Rabina Khan) and his chauffer Shah Alam. It has been said that Cllr Shah Alam’s 4×4 was parked on Bruce Road and the pair of them walked into Helal Abbas’ home.

Tower Hamlets Labour Party’s Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed with his PATH partnership

With all of what is taking place, it has been said that Khales Uddin Ahmed has become deranged and furious with the second suspension when it was so close to the local elections in May. It is a fact that being a councillor for some of those people is a lifeline. In Khales’ case, he’d like to halt the NEC suspension process; in order to be able to stand on a Labour ticket, becoming councillor and then retaining the allowance received by councillors.
Sources say that THLP Bengali-faction would like to mount a two point challenge:
  1. Put pressure politically on Labour’s NEC, using connections to withdraw the decision regarding Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed’s suspension.
  2. To raise funds in a quick bid to challenge the high court, gaining an injunction to stop the process.
We understand that Helal Abbas and Puru Miah (THLP Mile End Prospective) are leading the charge to raise funds on behalf of Khales Uddin Ahmed to halt the suspension process; also that they have instructed solicitors to go to the high court immediately to challenge this.

Front Left in the glasses: Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed – To his immediate left: Cllr Helal Rahman – Front right in the glasses: Helal Abbas

It is understood the NEC’s dispute panel considered a number of allegations but the two serious ones are:
  1. A recording of Cllr Khales Ahmed talking to an opposition councillor to prevent the then Whitechapel Ward prospective Victoria Obaze to win a Labour seat as councillor. The recording proved Cllr Khales to be using racist language in Bengali, referring to Victoria Obaze as “The blacky”.
  2. Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed working in partnership with PATH mayoral candidate Cllr Rabina Khan, humiliating Mayor John Biggs in public to get Cllr Rabina Khan elected as mayor.
An example of the humiliation was evident at the recent meeting regarding Poplar Harca’s regeneration of Chrisp Street market. Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed worked openly with Cllr Rabina Khan, orchestrating difficult questions to question Mayor John Biggs.
We have been told that Cllr Khales has held a number of private meetings with Cllr Rabina Khan to establish how the Bengali-faction votes in THLP can be delivered to Cllr Rabina Khan.
  • Is Khales so powerful that he can challenge Labour’s NEC decision through the high court, using funds raised by Helal Abbas?
  • Is Mayor John Biggs so weak that he will cave into Khales Uddin and Helal Abbas to allow Khales back into the Labour Party; so he can continue to help Cllr Rabina Khan?
  • Why were PATH Cllrs Aminur Khan and Shah Alam at the meeting in Helal Abbas’s back house?
  • Are PATH financially supporting a mole within the THLP?

These are questions that ought to be thought about regarding a man who has now been suspended twice.

Over the table, under the table or at the table?

Below is a picture of what a mayoral candidate having lunch with ex-senior council officers looks like:

image new

Could this meeting be Cllr Rabina Khan creating an illusion that she will win the mayoralty, for these guys to start supporting her; all in favour of them being repaid with consultancy work at the council?

The picture above:

  1. Back faced – Cllr Rabina Khan – mayoral candidate for the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets aka PATH
  2. Bald gentleman – Andy BamberService Head for Youth Services and Community Safety (Andy was managed by Stephen Halsey)
  3. Wearing a Black top – Stephen Halsey – Director for communities and culture/Head of paid services/CEO
  4. Final Seat with a picture inputted manually – Aman DalviDirector for Housing , Planning and Development/Acting CEO (it is understood that Aman left the meeting by the time this picture was taken, hence a picture being added to illustrate what it would have looked like).

These men were once powerful Council officers, who were employees at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. They were appointed to their positions during Lutfur Rahman’s administration. An administration and group Cllr Rabina Khan has now left.


Deep in discussion when Aman Dalvi finished his tea and left

Aman Dalvi was the Director for Housing , Planning and Development for Tower Hamlets Council. Appointed by Lutfur Rahman when Lutfur was council leader during 2008/2009. In 2012 when Kevin Collins left as Tower Hamlets Council’s Chief Executive; Aman Dalvi was then appointed as Chief Executive by Lutfur Rahman who was mayor at the time. Thereafter, during a recruitment process for a permanent role, external recruitment consultants put forward Aman Dalvi as the only credible candidate to the Labour majority recruitment panel of the council. Unfortunately, the Labour majority recruitment panel refused to appoint Aman Dalvi as the permanent Chief Executive for Tower Hamlets Council. Cllr Joshua Peck was then the leader of the Labour group. Peck apparently instructed members of the Labour group (and in effect Labour majority members), to vote against the appointment of Aman Dalvi as Chief Exec. It had also been mentioned that Joshua Peck wrote to Aman Dalvi over the same period, setting out why he can’t support Dalvi’s appointment as Chief Exec for the council. Aman Dalvi was of the view that Joshua Peck and the Labour group had prearranged not to appoint him. Aman felt that this was because of his ethnicity, despite the fact that he was put forward as the only candidate by independent external consultants.

Aman Dalvi took legal action against the council citing Joshua Peck and LBTH as defendants. The council was advised by a QC senior Barrister to settle matters without going to an Employment Tribunal.  It is understood that the council paid Aman Dalvi a sum of £100,000 in a full and as a final settlement of the race and discrimination claim. Under mayor John Biggs, Aman Dalvi took early retirement. Whether he was pushed out or not, is to be decided by the people.

Aman Dalvi was also responsible for planning when he was with the council. He had direct dealings with developers in the borough and across London. One of those developers in the borough are the Canary Wharf Group (CWG). When he left the council Aman was appointed as a consultant by the same CWG, to now advise them on planning and development etc. You can imagine his transition from the council to working with CWG (perhaps advising them on previous council related matters) will be for eye watering fees.

Stephen Halsey was the Corporate Director for Communities, Localities and Culture.  Under him was the Youth Service. Stephen was the Head of Paid Services when Aman Dalvi wasn’t appointed as the permanent Chief Executive. Subsequently the position of Chief Exec was abolished under Lutfur Rahman. Under mayor John Biggs, Stephen too took an early retirement. Whether he was pushed out or not, is to be decided by the people.

Andy Bamber was the Service Head for Safer Communities, which over looked the youth service whilst under the directorate of  Communties, Localities and Culture (CLC).  Andy was directly line managed by the corporate director for CLC, Stephen Halsey. A role Andy Bamber played was the day to day management of the youth services. Mayor John Biggs and the Labour group made serious allegations against the youth service. Andy took an early retirement or resigned under mayor John Biggs’ administration.

There have been raised eyebrows in relation to Cllr Rabina Khan’s cosy relationships with developers & consultants. Questions that need to be raised are:

  • Why was Cllr Rabina Khan meeting with ex senior council officers like Aman Dalvi, Stephen Halsey and Andy Bamber?
  • What was the content and outcome of their meeting?
  • Could it be in relation to planning matters?

Would it be paranoia to suggest Rabina separated herself from Lutfur Rahman’s group (now known as Aspire), to exploit her former role as Lead Member for Housing, planning and development?

If anyone has anything further to add then please let me know via the comments section.

Cllr Rabina Khan wearing the same outfit she wore when meeting with Bamber, Halsey and Dalvi

The Adventures of Rabina Khan: The breakup.

We live in a time and place where democratic processes allow us to vote for individuals and have the privilege to exercise the right of expression. This is why Lutfur Rahman supported Rabina Khan during the 2015 mayoral contest but will not be doing so for the elections in May 2018.

The reasons are logical, factual but also require a breakdown of the political dynamics, welfare of our residents and community interests as a whole. It seems that Lutfur is confident that the facts will echo the thoughts of many residents in Tower Hamlets.

There is a clichéd view that a vote or support for Rabina Khan during the 2018 mayoral contest will result in a victory for John Biggs; but also a win for Biggs means a victory for the Tory Party in Tower Hamlets. This is a view that many hold including Lutfur and his allies.

What comes as a surprise and a shock to many is Cllr Rabina Khan’s calculated support-receiving friendship, with those who played vital roles in using the back door to bring down the Lutfur Rahman administration during the administration’s second term. Namely Helal Abbas, Khales Uddin Ahmed and Azmal Hussain (one of the four who brought forward the electoral petition). The Khan’s have also formed a friendship with the Tories here in Tower Hamlets and beyond.

Rabina & Abbas make an appearance on Channel i (a Bengali TV station) together

Facts and arguments to be analysed:

As an observer of Tower Hamlets politics, it is obvious to see that no one has benefited more from Lutfur Rahman’s achievements and proven track record of delivery for residents than Cllr Rabina Khan and her spouse Cllr Aminur Khan. Both of whom were cabinet members under the former administration.  Through this, Cllrs Aminur and Rabina Khan seem to have created effective and convenient political relationships in Tower Hamlets.

It was until 2010 that Cllr Rabina Khan was unknown in the political arena – a newly elected back bench councillor with no previous experience of frontline public service or decision making. The trust Lutfur had for Cllr Rabina Khan was visible. Lutfur as Mayor made her cabinet member, provided support, opportunities to learn, understand the community and grow her public service role. Of course there was a lot to take in for Rabina in order to see through her cabinet post i.e. the Whitechapel Vision and other housing projects – which were in fact carried out by former cabinet member Alibor Choudhury and the then-Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s office.

Cllr Shiria Khan, one of three Labour Deputy Mayors to John Biggs until recently, once referred to Rabina Khan as a ‘bride’ who came to Tower Hamlets from Kent through her marriage to Cllr Aminur Khan. It was also mentioned that Rabina Khan is a trained theatre artist who had never attended college or university. Rhetoric like this coming from Cllr Shiria Khatun is unfair, as Rabina has done remarkably well, performs well and also speaks well – possibly thanks to her Kent School upbringing.

The civil tribunal petition during early 2015 came as a big-ticket opportunity for the Khans – a lottery – which Cllr Rabina Khan made the most out of, as she was always very ambitious with her future plans in politics and public life. Then-Mayor Lutfur Rahman was well into his second mayoral term in 2014/2015, delivering on his manifesto pledges when an acting deputy-judge stopped him from public office for five years. This is due to be lifted by April 2020, if not earlier, depending on his judicial review challenging the controversial ruling.

It was during these moments Rabina Khan was chosen and imposed by Lutfur Rahman to carry on his legacy in 2015 as an independent mayoral candidate. Clearly a friendship between one of Lutfur’s closest associates at that time, Cllr Aminur Khan – was at play.

After the judgement, at a rally for Democracy in Tower Hamlets, Lutfur publicly announced that Cllr Rabina Khan to be the group’s next mayoral candidate. Standing next to Lutfur Rahman on the podium, Cllr Rabina Khan had this to say in her public acceptance speech when she was imposed by Lutfur Rahman:


  1. “Verdict or no verdict, this is the man who was elected in 2014 – Mayor Lutfur Rahman – Don’t ever forget that”
  • Cllr Rabina Khan made these comment as she pointed to former Mayor Lutfur Rahman who was removed by, what a significant majority in Tower Hamlets and beyond still feel was an establishment stitch-up – a witch-hunt; which was supported by powerful right-wingers, unsympathetic/biased elements in the media, anti-Corbyn sentiments within the Tower Hamlets Labour Party – working in cohort with Tower Hamlets Tory Leader, Cllr Peter Golds. This list continues with other kippers/political plotters who wish to fulfil their political agenda by taking political revenge through the back door as they failed when up against Lutfur Rahman twice when at the ballot box. The plot resulted with the biggest beneficiary – Cllr Rabina Khan as the new mayoral candidate.


  1. “37,000 votes were given to this man (pointing to Lutfur Rahman) in May 2014.”

Lutfur Rahman achieved 37, 395 votes, a 52.3% of the votes compared to John Biggs who received 34,143 – a 47.75 of the vote share in 2014 election.

  1. I wish I was not here, I wish I was not here. I wish I was not here on the back of this man’s achievements”

Referring to whilst pointing at former Mayor Lutfur Rahman, standing next to him at the podium.

Here is the video link to Cllr Rabina Khan discussing how she encountered Tower Hamlets politics when she was announced mayoral candidate for the 2015 snap-mayoral election:


The choices available to Lutfur Rahman, with a short time available for the 2015 mayoral election, were between a few of his cabinet members. There was his former statutory Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member, Cllr Ohid Ahmed. Ohid had been a councillor since 2002; having served in a number of cabinet positions as Portfolio Holder responsible for regeneration, education, resources, community safety and under a number of administrations.  Lutfur also had another prolific young man, Cllr Oliur Rahman. Finally there was the newbie, Cllr Rabina Khan, who Lutfur appointed to his cabinet in 2010 as a newly elected councillor. It was said that due to the unfortunate hysterical bias in mainstream press, plotting by Tories/local Labour, along with his own struggles to challenge the controversial ruling in the civil petition tribunal, he had to choose one of them – Lutfur went with Cllr Rabina Khan and appointed her as the mayoral candidate for the 2015 snap election.

Lutfur and Rabina together out on the campaign trail – In Shadwell where Rabina was unknown as a politician

Cllr Ohid Ahmed and other hopefuls for the mayoral candidacy were naturally disappointed with the decision but neither stood as individual independent candidates, nor did they form another group or party to promote themselves and challenge their colleagues. It was clear that Cllrs Ohid Ahmed and Oliur Rahman did not wish to divide their group, in order to beat Labour’s John Biggs. Critically, this was out of respect, camaraderie, the strong track record of delivery and struggles of Lutfur Rahman –  not kicking a person when they were down momentarily, but carrying on serving the people who elected you.

Between the intensely biased media narrative and the controversial Mawrey judgment, where an acting deputy judge failed to clearly identify whether any votes were cast inappropriately during the 2014 and 2015 elections; Tories and others voted for Blairite candidate Biggs in a hastily announced mayoral election re-run, where Cllr Rabina Khan lost the election to John Biggs.

Never the less, Rabina managed to receive a significant number of votes from the Tower Hamlets voters due to a clear track record of delivery and achievements of ‘that man’ – Lutfur Rahman and most importantly a united independent opposition team. However, Cllr Rabina Khan lost more than 11,000 votes in 2015. Merely a year ago in 2014 – Lutfur received 37,395 votes compared to Cllr Rabina Khan’s 25, 763 first preference votes, topped up by 621 second preference votes. Notwithstanding the partisan coverage by right-wing elements and political opponents, residents and Cllr Rabina Khan must wonder why, despite the best endeavours, she lost the support of more than 11,000 voters within a year? Readers can make their own judgment.


Democratically elected councillors in Tower Hamlets Council who supported Lutfur Rahman, were now working under the banner of the ‘Independent Group’ to represent their residents as the largest opposition group to Labour’s administration. John Biggs was continuing to work hand in glove with Tower Hamlets Conservative leader, Cllr Peter Golds, who was branded an unofficial political adviser to Biggs by Cllr Oliur Rahman due to political collusion. Biggs promoted Tories in the council by personally allocating them front benches despite objection by the responsible council officer. This was in favour of the Tories to raise their declining profile under Peter Golds’ leadership, despite the fact there were only five Tories in Tower Hamlets council. John Biggs went on to reward the Tory leader a whopping 40% (extra £2,291) increase in his pay packet. It’s believed that this was a gesture to say thank you for the Tory leader’s support during the 2015 election campaign against Biggs’s opponents. It has also been stated Tories voted for Biggs in 2015 under Peter Golds’ leadership as reported in the media.


The Independent Group had a tough road ahead and had to elect their new internal leader as well as their mayoral candidate for 2018. First came the group leadership election, Cllr Ohid Ahmed and Cllr Oliur Rahman both stood for this position. Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband Cllr Aminur Khan tactically pledged support to Cllr Oliur Rahman in return for his probable support for her mayoral candidacy in 2018.

However, it has been said that Cllr Aminur Khan made it known within the community and to some councillors that his wife, Rabina Khan, will stand down as a councillor in 2018, had no intentions of becoming group leader and nor will she contest the Independent Group’s mayoral nomination. Thereafter, Cllr Rabina Khan met with Cllr Oliur Rahman to state that she will support him to become the Independent Group’s mayoral candidate, if he was to stand. Naturally, Cllr Oliur was delighted with this kind gesture.

It was shortly after that Cllr Oliur Rahman narrowly won the democratic group leadership election. This was overseen and agreed to by respected independent community members, who were acting as observers to establish accountability and transparency. The results of the process were accepted by all involved, Including councillors Rabina Khan, Aminur Khan and Ohid Ahmed.

It was during the end of July 2016 that Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband changed their minds about the nomination, where she wanted to become the mayoral candidate for the Independent Group. It was when the Independent Group’s mayoral selection process begun during the latter part of 2016, Cllr Rabina Khan found herself doing a blatant U-turn and retracting her pledge to support Cllr Oliur Rahman. What she really wanted was Lutfur Rahman to impose and endorse her again as the group’s mayoral candidate.  Unfortunately for Rabina, Lutfur refused. Lutfur knew that unlike the 2015 snap mayoral rerun, there was time to select a candidate through a proper transparent process.

The Independent Group were now left with councillors Ohid Ahmed and Rabina Khan contesting the internal selection for the group’s mayoral candidate. Cllr Oliur Rahman was not participating in the contest. He was now busy with leading the group in the Town Hall and the agreed support he’d receive from Cllr Rabina Khan had come to a hard stop. Cllr Rabina Khan broke the promise made to Oliur by standing for the group’s mayoral candidate herself. This was the beginning of the end of another politically convenient relationship by Cllr Rabina Khan.

With Cllr Rabina Khan and husband Cllr Aminur Khan panicking to assemble internal support in its majority (where they still almost had enough numbers to win the selection process); they were becoming dangerously close to men seen as political thugs, known as the ‘gang of three’ within the Tower Hamlets Labour Party. They include Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed, former Cllr Helal Abbas and Azmal Hussain (one of the four petitioners) – the common interest that all three had was that they despised Lutufur Rahman and wanted to either play king makers or destroyers.


Rabina endorsing councillor Khales Uddin


Rabina with people ofrom the gang of three and friends

At this point it became evident within the community that Cllr Ohid Ahmed and Rabina Khan were facing a power struggle. The gang of three had taken this as music to their ears and saw this as an opportunity to divide a united Independent Group and to keep John Biggs in power. Even as a temporary measure. The gang of three took the opportunity in befriending the Khans. The Khan’s driven by ambition fell into this trap. The gang of three lured them with the promise that a section of the Labour Party will support her in an independent mayoral candidacy against their own Labour mayor John Biggs; if she failed to secure nomination within the Independent Group.


Rabina alongside Cllr Khales Uddin, a key player of the gang of three

Whilst these games were being played, a partnership had formed between the Khans and the ‘gang of three’. This was a tactical ploy which carried out the bidding for Biggs. Now that Rabina Khan was willing to stand against any Independent Group mayoral candidate, it did nothing but favour John Biggs.

The ‘gang of three’ know well that they had a far better chance of removing Biggs through an internal trigger ballot instead of an open and democratic mayoral election; where all residents choose their mayor. Khales, Helal and Azmal messed up the Labour trigger ballot due to their incompetence, inability to lead, lack of credibility and exaggeration of their support base within the Labour Party. Interestingly, the ‘gang of three’ used similar tactics with Cllr Oliur Rahman in a parliamentary election, with a promise of support but did not deliver for him when the time came.

Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband Cllr Aminur Khan made efforts to win a clear majority of councillors within the Independent Group’s selection process but failed to do so for a variety of reasons. This included a reoccurring complaint of Cllr Rabina Khan’s leadership since the 2015 mayoral election and the sheer arrogance on her part that there was no one better than her within the Independent Group.

It was at this point when Cllr Rabina Khan realised that she lacked the ability to rally-up majority of the Independent Group’s support in a mayoral nomination which favoured her. Things took a turn for the worst and under the influence of the ‘gang of three’, Rabina chose to stand as an independent mayoral candidate to rival the Independent Group’s mayoral candidate. This announcement by Cllr Rabina Khan was welcomed by the Labour Party and the Tories who saw this betrayal of the Independent Group as an opportunity to keep Biggs in power.


Some of those helping the gang of three. They are known to many as colonial architects and for the destruction of Tower Hamlets politics.

It was during a final attempt that many Independent Group councillors went to the home of Cllr Rabina Khan to persuade her to take part of a transparent-independently scrutinised democratic process and stand in the internal election to become the Independent Group’s mayoral candidate. In fact, the deadlines for the process had been extended twice to include Cllr Rabina Khan. However, there was no progress in these conversations and the Khans remained defiant. It was moments after that Cllrs Aminur Khan and Rabina Khan got their stand-in agent, Cllr Shah Alam, to participate in the selection process and sabotage democracy. However, Cllr Shah Alam being Cllr Shah Alam, submitted his nomination as potential mayoral candidate for the Independent Group but failed to turn up to the internal election or bother to pass on his apologies. His stance suggests that this was done under direct instruction of the Khans. The Independent Group’s internal mayoral selection went ahead and was overseen by a community activist/leader, a local journalist and a non-Bangladeshi respected female activist/resident (yes Caucasian, for those of you who’d like to think otherwise). It was Cllr Ohid Ahmed who was elected as a definitive winner during this democratic and transparent process in the presence of the Independent Group’s councillors and election observers.By now, the smoke screen pledges received from the ‘gang of Three’ (Khales, Abbas and Azmal) had taken its toll on Cllr Rabina Khan, her husband Cllr Aminur Khan and the rest of those who had put faith in an illusion as such. Cllr Rabina Khan went on to announce her own mayoral candidacy and formed another group in the council with four other councillors; becoming the leader of the group and claiming a special allowance.

Those known as colonialists and with those known Mir Jafars (two of the gang of three – the two Asian men with the glasses at the front). Helal Abbas and Cllr Khales Uddin enjoying food with Mayor John Biggs, Jim Fitzpatrick MP and BBC Panorama presenter John Ware

The united opposition to John Biggs and the Tories was now in tatters as a result of one person’s own ambitions. Despite what was seen as sheer betrayal, the Independent Group maintained an amicable and respectful relationship with the Khans; the courteous behaviour went as far as not standing a prospective councillor candidate for the Whitechapel by-election, despite intense pressure to stand someone. It was to ensure that there was only one strong opposition to beat John Biggs’ candidate in the Whitechapel ward and for the local community to be able to elect someone who can serve them well.

It is important to mention that during late 2016 and early 2017; respected community leaders tried to bring the Khans to reconcile the situation by making personal efforts to have a united candidate against Biggs. On two separate occasions, Cllr Rabina Khan refused to make an appearance, at last minute on the day. She accused community leaders and elders of being sectarian and biased. The accusations left elders and community leaders feeling hurt. They were left feeling insulted at Cllr Khan’s last minute refusal and excuses to not participate in the mediation.


2017 was the year many so-called financial backers made U-turns in their promise of funding the Khan campaign. It just so happens that so many of those who believed her one-sided version of events are now finding reasons to withdraw their support when receiving facts regarding the political realities of Tower Hamlets.

Deals Falling Apart (Labour’s gang of three, Tories, Liberal Democrats – what next?)

Cllr Rabina Khan tried to bid for funding for a project, fronted by an organisation, from the Conservative Government under the PREVENT programme and apparently the process had failed. Cllr Rabina Khan has also developed a politically cosy relationship with the local Tory leader, Cllr Peter Golds. It is evident in her interaction in public council meetings, sitting next to each other and her open support for a Tory councillor for a position as Resources Scrutiny Lead within the council.


Rabina with her Tory friends


Cllr Rabina Khan and Cllr Peter Golds having a brief discussion

During the last eighteen months, Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband, Cllr Aminur Khan, have tried their upmost best to collude with the Tower Hamlets Liberal democrats, which has also not gone to plan. An apparent reason for this was due to the refusal of the Liberal Democrats in automatically appointing Cllr Rabina Khan as their mayoral candidate for 2018. Rumour also has it that Cllr Rabina Khan tried to persuade some of her supporters to join the Liberal Democrats, but most, if not all, have declined.

Many wards and areas in Tower Hamlets were originally charmed and impressed by her. Those same people are now in the notion that the borough needs more than that. The borough needs someone with a vision, an ability to deliver, to be able to bring people together, to win support and to put residents first. People feel that the borough doesn’t require a person who can’t see the bigger picture; a person who acts as a diversion to hand power to John Biggs, serves the self-interest of the Tories, pours fuel into advocates of the right and fills the gap for those disgruntled career politicians/so-called activists.

This must be very demoralising for the Khans, whilst knowing this about themselves. If anything, it’s more embarrassing for voters like me who had voted for Cllr Rabina Khan as a mayoral candidate during the 2015 snap-election.

The Upshot:

Yes, Cllr Rabina Khan did receive 25,763 first preference votes and 621 second preference votes in 2015 when she lost to Biggs. If she thinks these votes were cast because of her ability to speak good sounding English, as a result of her procuring a few media appearances; due to the networking contacts she was able to make as Lutfur Rahman’s mayoral candidate and former cabinet member; the unfortunate truth is that Mrs Khan is living on cloud nine.

In fact, Cllr Rabina Khan has the most to lose if she stands and receives fewer votes than 2015, which is a strong probability. Troublemakers and the ‘gang of three’ who are advising her to stand could not care less if she loses or wins. To them, her act will serve two purposes which they crave.

  1. To divide the united opposition to Biggs
  2. Harm the community-interest, who have been brutally hit by Biggs’ own austerity politics, laced with his right-wing connections and Blairite credentials.

Cllr Rabina Khan unlike others around her, who are advising her is an intelligent politician. She mustn’t become a tool in the hands of those people who are fuelled by personal interests and revenge. They are merely there to misguide her so far away from the facts, that she is unable to make a comeback with dignity.

If this misleading plot against the community is executed by Cllr Rabina Khan and husband Cllr Aminur Khan, not only will they be solely held responsible for the disunity. The catastrophic political consequences that will only benefit Biggs will also be something that should be on their conscious.  No matter the spin, whether it was Judas or Mir Jafar – history and community never forget those who divide the community or carry out secret deals with the dark side.

We live in hope.

Friends with benefits: The Colluding Corruption of Tower Hamlets

Many are aware that Rabina Khan made contacts with a variety of developers during her time as cabinet member for housing. This anti-socialist relationship had developed further after her cabinet post came to an end; thereafter she betrayed her old team the Tower Hamlets Independent Group (THIG).

Rabina went on to form her own party, the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH). The party has become a cesspit for those that are ambitious for status, those wanting to make under-the-table deals and those that are often rejected by the more established left-wing parties in Tower Hamlets.

This new bribery scandal is that which is related to Abdul Shukur Khalisadar, who likes to call himself Shuks (which is what he will be called on here). Some may know him as a grassroots community activist, some may know him as a businessman and some may know him as both. However, there is also an opinion that both of these characteristics are just a portrayal and a disguise for Shuks’ ambitious characteristics.

Shuks encouraged those in the business world to support John Biggs the Tower Hamlets Labour Party Mayor (THLP). What interests Shuks is the pursuit of money deals. He has attempted to achieve this via THLP. Shuks also shared a good relationship with Councillor Shiria Khatun of THLP. As the new deputy mayor, Shiria introduced Shuks to the Far East Consortium, suggesting that he would be able to provide aid in achieving the planning permission.

The scandal started with a recording of a telephone conversation from November 2015 with Abdul Shukur Khalisadar and a consultant who was instructed by the Far East Consortium. During this conversation Shuks asks for a premium of two million pounds and an agency fee of fifteen thousand pounds per month, regarded by himself as “high end hospitality costs”. He also mentions that he would make donations to the party, but also suggests that a large chunk of the premium will be given to politicians making the planning permission for development a success. Ten days prior to this telephone conversation, Shuks arranged a confidential meeting with John Collony, the development head for the Far East Consortium and mentioned that the two million pound premium would ensure that planning permission was accepted.

Here is the telephone conversation between Abdul Shukur Khalisadar and the consultant:

Earlier this year Councillor Shiria Khatun launched a tirade of accusations against her leader Mayor John Biggs. The accusations are of sexism and Islamaphobia. These accusations were gold dust to the predominantly “Bengali-faction” within the THLP, who in fact thrived from Shiria’s wolf-crying. Shiria was throwing accusations at a man she chose to stand by, win an election with and accept cabinet posts under – sounds a little like Councillor Rabina Khan, perhaps that’s what they have in common.

The Tower Hamlets Labour Party has cracks which has created factions – hence the predominantly “Bengali faction”. Some of the people in this faction had previously colluded with those like Labour Mayor John Biggs and the Tower Hamlets Conservative Party leader, Councillor Peter Golds. This was all in favour of colluding against the former Mayor, Lutfur Rahman. More recently, the faction have become a group of their own within the party and at distance from their leader John Biggs.

The Bangladeshi faction within THLP tried to mastermind a coup against their leader Mayor John Biggs. The faction is led by the likes of councillor Khales Uddin – who also wanted to sabotage a fellow Labour Party candidate’s bi-election earlier this year; as he thought she lacked worthiness due to her Afro-Caribbean background. This faction is also led by ex-THLP council leader Helal Uddin Abbas. Helal is known for being a rival to Lutfur Rahman. As a result of being a rival, he used his suspicion of religion to sabotage Lutfur Rahman’s chances of becoming mayoral candidate for the Labour Party during 2010.

Shiria was previously deputy mayor and a lead on Community Safety for the current THLP administration. Earlier this year, Shiria claimed to be the victim of sexism/islamaphobia, which she says was instigated by her leader Mayor John Biggs. The allegations against the Mayor stemmed from the cabinet reshuffle earlier this year. The then community safety lead Shiria was asked if she could become the Cabinet Member for Environment during the reshuffle. Shiria took this as an insult and in a televised Bengali spoken interview she called her reassignment a demotion. She continued to interpret the role of a Cabinet Member for Environment, as merely managing dustbins. She went further by saying that this reassignment was a disgrace to her and more importantly a disgrace to the Bengali community.

Here is the link to Councillor Shiria Khatun complaining that she had been demoted from one cabinet post to the other:

Shiria’s whining was like music to the Bengali-faction of THLP. For them this was another chance after their failed trigger-ballot against John Biggs, during November 2016. The Bengali-faction of THLP directed Shiria’s whining to PATH. While PATH was a shoulder to cry on for  Shiria, they also used her as a tool, taking ownership whilst playing out Shiria’s greedy whinging as Islamaphobia and sexism.

It’s an irony that Abdul Shukur Khalisadar found his way into PATH following this scandal. One can only imagine these movements to be a gesture of good-will to Rabina by Shiria and the Bengali-faction at THLP. Shiria and her Bengali-faction of THLP were aware of Rabina’s contacts in the development world, as well as Shuks’ ambitions to become a “buffer” making serious sums of money. Shuks had become a trophy for Rabina and became the proposed candidate for PATH in the Spitalfields and Banglatown ward. However, more importantly the THLP Bengali-faction were sure with their support and Rabina befriending Conservative councillor Peter Golds, they would have a Bengali mayor who was anti-John and anti-Lutfur. Someone they could manage and control. Below is an illustration I was sent of what that could look like.

image1After the scandal had come to light, Shuks has given a public video statement to deny allegations of corruption. I’d like you take a few minutes to listen to the sleazy rhetoric in the telephone recording above and compare it this holocaust denier type of denial below:

Finally to put things in brief as a step by step guide:

Below is a 22 point breakdown in order regarding some of which has been mentioned above:

  1. People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets mayoral candidate, Rabina Khan, was once the cabinet member for housing when she was with the Tower Hamlets Independent Group (THIG).
  2. Rabina was not nominated to become the mayoral candidate for THIG so she left the group with a number of councillors to form her own party in pursuit of becoming mayor.
  3. Rabina has continued to sustain her relationships with developers to date.
  4. Rabina formed a partnership with the “Bengali-faction” within Tower Hamlets Labour Party (THLP)
  5. The purpose of the partnership was to replace John Biggs with the Labour Party mayoral candidate with someone from the Bengali-faction of THLP; but if that was to fail then the “Bengali-faction” within THLP will support PATH/Rabina Khan so that John Biggs or mayoral candidate Ohid Ahmed from THIG do not succeed in the mayoral race.
  6. Rabina Khan also formed a partnership with Tower Hamlets Conservative Leader Peter Golds. I have heard that he will be helping Rabina’s ambition to become mayor of Tower Hamlets.
  7. Shuks was an ally for the THLP and an activist.
  8. Shuks tried to lobby for contracts and financial gain through the THLP administration for himself previously.
  9. Shuks was intoduced to developers by THLP Councillor Shiria Khatun
  10. Shuks made his bribery offer to developers to gain financially and buy influence within THLP.
  11. Mayor John Biggs was made aware of the allegations of bribery but chose to ignore them for a number of months. Why?
  12. At a later date Councillor Shiria Khatun was “demoted” by Mayor John Biggs and so she subsequently resigned from cabinet, accusing Mayor John Biggs of sexism and Islamaphobia.
  13. The “Bengali-faction” within THLP and PATH saw this as an opportunity. PATH offered their support to Councillor Shiria Khatun through their partnership with the Bengali-faction of THLP .
  14. Shuks saw the opportunity after Shiria introduced him to developers and with PATH offering their support to Shiria. He realised that it may be a wise decision if he transitioned to PATH.
  15. Shuks hoped to merge Shiria’s introduction of developers with Rabina’s development contacts from her previous post as cabinet lead for housing.
  16. Shuks started to campaign with PATH on issues, through petitions and press conferences.
  17. Shuks was a proposed PATH candidate for the Spitalfields and Banglatown ward.
  18. On Saturday 9th December 2017 the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and Shuks’ £2m bribery scandal was revealed through mainstream media.
  19. Questions are now being asked as to why Mayor John Biggs kept secret such knowledge as opposed to forwarding information to the relevant authorities.
  20. Rabina Khan has now removed all videos of Abdul Shukur “Shuks” Khalisadar from her pages.
  21. Rabina and her campaigners are now denying any involvement in this matter with Shuks and are diverting the  Mayor John Biggs.
  22. Shuks has now released a video statement trying to rectify the damage caused to his character.

Uber losing its licence to operate in London

This is a catastrophic decision for people who earn a living driving for Uber. This is not to be welcomed as an achievement. As Labour mayor of London and unions on the left, this could have been seen as the mismanagement of Uber drivers to pressure Uber into better regulated safety standards.

This stance isn’t helpful to individuals who need/want to earn and will cause financial pressures on families. Some of the people employed by Uber have faced mismanagement in earlier jobs, perhaps at a cab office, a curry house or a factory. These are merely examples. Quite frankly, some were not in employment at all. Some critics claim that this is regarding Uber paying taxes, as well as their employees. However, some of the examples on the previous sentence have also demonstrated how easy it has been for those of a different trade, or their employees to avoid taxes.

This is is a type of point scoring by Sadiq Khan and the Unions against a major company. They are in fact (unknowingly – some knowingly) jumping into bed with an establishment that is discreetly but deeply racist, who see those driving cabs of South Asian origin, as sexual predators. You couldn’t make this up, crazy communists joining forces with colonial capitalists.

Support black cabs they say. Black cabs with their prices and their surge only areas is a luxury. The suggestion that majority of Black cab drivers of a certain genre, with a clientele base of a certain type, to be endorsed is preposterous. Many Black cabbies or their customers haven’t warmed to the idea of an everyday Uber driver trying to join their club or individually trying to earn a living. This seems to be a war between white-working class cabbies vs ethnic minorities.

For some, this ruling remains an accomplishment based on a union ideology, racial hatred or their own inability to provide a competitive quality service. This is far from an accomplishment and has come at a cost of almost 40,000 people losing their jobs (many with families). Inevitably, this will cause a whole chapter of issues for the people employed by Uber, which could potentially contribute further to the urban decay in London.

Sign the petition to show your support for Uber drivers and service users:

Grenfell Tower: Food for thought for those looking for conspiracy theories.

Those telling the story of the fire at Grenfell Tower as a conspiracy, should rethink; or carry on smoking what they’re smoking and research on why Tupac Shakur might still be alive. A conspiracy theory without using the facts for a strong fight against injustice, is a quick way of blaming the culprits without actually questioning or holding them to account.

Mr Peaky Saku very eloquently explains why he believes the Conservative government held a Cobra meeting to burn down Grenfell Tower, which would then weaken them in the eyes of the public due to their incompetence. Thanks for pointing that out Mr Saku.

The burning of Grenfell Tower was a horrific atrocity that was absolutely avoidable. Cheap illegal cladding (banned in Europe and in the States) was used to cover up the element of social housing and hide away what the establishment see as urban decay. The idea of the poorest in society didn’t fall in line with the ideas of the rich and their fancy developments. Take a look at Lancaster West Estate’s immediate surroundings and the Nash Terrace looking houses that exist there. Buildings such as the Grenfell Tower looked out of place due to major developments surrounding the area. The council run Housing Association, used a ruthless “quick-fix” to cover up an ugly truth. The truth is evident and demonstrates the difference between rich and poor. The council failed to put up sprinklers and the Conservative council leader, Nick Paget-Brown, blamed residents for this. He told BBC2’s Newsnight:

“There was not a collective view that all the flats should be fitted with sprinklers because that would have delayed and made the refurbishment of the block more disruptive.”

Cheeky bastard.

Nick Paget-Brown: Conservative council leader

This is gentrification, the rhetoric of gentrification and what exists in the minds of Tory Britain, all at its worst. The Conservatives haven’t just let down the many nationally, but also locally in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

The council has privatised most of its resources and the maintenance of social housing, all part of their reckless attitude to obtain cheaper costs (cheaper, including the lives of residents). The refurbishment of Grenfell Tower was not only an attack on the residents, but also the council dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy shows contempt towards the most needy. That being said, Kensington and Chelsea council have a staggering £274m in reserves, what a disgrace.

David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham quite rightly described the fire as corporate manslaughter. Grenfell Tower should remain as a monument to remind people of what corporate manslaughter looks like and how a Tory government can turn their backs on people based on what they deem as someone’s social status.

Those responsible for this must be arrested and face trial for the deaths of so many. We have seen failure after failure by this government. Their days are numbered. The people will cause earthquakes until permanent changes are made for the betterment of our society.

Colonial Tower Hamlets

Unfortunately in the borough of Tower Hamlets there is a form of racism, religious hatred, colonialism and far right sympathy. Only now it has started to condense making it visible and are able to feel it running down your skin. There have been attempts to keep it secret by the perpetrators and has been orchestrated using an institutional method rather than open top skinhead one. The poison comes from places you’d least expect it at times. Politics. However, some may say that it’s the norm in areas of politics. Parties such as the British National Party and the British Freedom Party are allowed a platform using the name of democracy to make it the norm. To our disappointment, Tower Hamlets gets nastier. The Tower Hamlets Labour Party are disguised right politicians, playing divisive politics, playing communities against each other, use well trained ethnic puppets and are a coalition with the Conservatives.

It has become apparent that Tower Hamlets right-wingers (that goes for Labour too) don’t appreciate educated people from ethnic minorities with support, influence and Power. For example, in 2010 when they deselected their own Bangladeshi mayoral candidate Lutfur Rahman, who was then a councillor, former council leader and lawyer by profession. During Lutfur’s time as council leader he faced accusations of extreme Islamic links and attempting to create a borough with sharia law. Tower Hamlets Labour Party had instigated this through a witch hunt via the Channel 4 Dispatches programme Britain’s Islamic Republic. This demonstrated right-wing Labour’s insecurity and frustration of the idea of an educated Muslim lawyer in a position of power.

Months later through a referendum, the people of Tower Hamlets chose to have a directly elected mayor. Lutfur was chosen as the Labour candidate for mayor when members voted him. Regrettably, this was seen as a threat by colonial right-wing Labour members and as a result Lutfur was deselected as the Labour mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets. He was then replaced with councillor Helal Abbas, a puppet for colonial Labour and a tool against Lutfur. Take it as a colonial attempt to split the Muslim/Bangladeshi vote regardless of competency. From a bird’s eye view that seems to be religious hatred and an open form of divisive politics.

Lutfur went on to stand as an Independent candidate and won by an overwhelming majority. He gained support of the community, politicians, the Respect Party and councillors who in protest abandoned colonial Labour. Ever since Lutfur became mayor, Tower Hamlets Labour politics has been based on how to dent the mayor and his team. That certainly isn’t the basis for good community work or how a mainstream party should be run.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman with some of his very capable councillors is now known as Tower Hamlets First. They have achieved great things over the last three years.

Things that were of interest to me are here as follows:

• Built 3,250 new homes
• Keeping the promised time scale
• Achieved a £50m bonus from the government for building the most new homes compared to any other local authority
• Over 3,000 overcrowded families re-housed. Plus a pot for £168m for a Decent Homes programme to renovate every single council home

Education and Youth:
• A £400 a year grants from the mayor’s budget to replace EMA to help college students stay in education, which was scrapped by the government.
• A £1,500 bursary helping undergraduates with university costs.
• Free school meals for all year 1 and reception pupils.
• £10m a year for our youth service.
• New youth centres, children centres and renovation of schools.
• An additional 1,575 school places.
• A £4.5m Idea store at Watney Market.

And if you’d like to know more, you can see it here:

In a shameful attempt, Tower Hamlets colonial Labour Party is at it once again. Using similar methods like deselecting Bangladeshi threats and pulling out their election campaign weapon, a national TV documentary; this time as John Ware’s BBC programme Panorama. Labour has chosen John Biggs as their candidate for mayor. Biggs is a former Tower Hamlets council leader and a Greater London Assembly member. Biggs is part of the machinery which has orchestrated the removal of certain individuals being able to run for the Labour party in elections. Notably councillor Anwar Khan representing the Bow West ward. Khan was once known as the protégé of Councillor Joshua Peck former Tower Hamlets Labour leader. Khan has been known to opponents as a puppet, a harsh critic of the mayor and a tool used by his superiors for divisive politics. Khan is an educated young British Bangladeshi who was seen as a threat to colonial Tower Hamlets Labour. He was replaced in Bow West with his sister in law as a prospective councillor for the ward. Khan had now fallen victim to the colonial divisive politics that according to his critics was once used for as a tool. Coming to the realisation and mistakes of his pasts, he now echoes some of the mayor’s thoughts and will stand as an Independent candidate rather than Tower Hamlets First to save some face.

The Labour party in another desperate election campaigning move called for backup. This time in John Ware’s BBC programme Panorama. Colonial Labour once again pulled out old tricks of racism and religious hatred towards Muslims. They used an old story which reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. The story was of an Imam from Saudi Arabia being welcomed by the mayor during his time as council leader. This story was used in a dossier by councillor Helal Uddin Abbas to the Labour NEC, the same story which destroyed him during his attempt to become Labour’s puppet mayor for Tower Hamlets. They have claimed that the mayor has been funding Bangladeshi/Muslim organisations and neglecting others. Nevertheless, in the same programme they contradicted themselves. As told to us by the Mayor in the Panorama documentary the faith grant was inspired by a visit to the synagogue and showing the mayor working closely with non-Muslim communities. There are many ethnic Bangladeshis living all over Tower Hamlets, some in the most deprived parts of the borough where money is being spent for everyone’s wellbeing. This act of community care isn’t favouritism because it is inclusive of every community, but the accusation of Bangladeshi/Muslim only organisations’ receiving funding is indeed racism. This is being portrayed by colonial Labour as something illegitimate to play communities of different backgrounds against each other. It’s typical for the colonial fools of Labour in a desperate attempt to win an election, to start community tensions and to contradict by sounding unsure in their own documentary.

My analysis is that if colonial Labour in Tower Hamlets had stuck to traditional Labour values, put the community and their needs first then there would never have been a need for Tower Hamlets First. Perhaps Labour should contemplate on why they lost to Respect in 2005 and have lost mayoralty to Lutfur Rahman in 2010. Colonial Labour seems to be here to stay and as long as they are, there will always be real Labour values aired by those who put Tower Hamlets First!

Counter Panorama documentary: